The Future of Nuclear Energy

As our nation seeks out more and more clean energy, experts ranging from industry to environmentalists agree that next generation nuclear energy will be a very important piece of the puzzle thanks to its reliability. While more than 130 advanced nuclear energy companies across the globe seek to bring this needed energy to market – two grand challenges remain.

The first is licensability. While competition exists in the small modular reactor sector, speed dictates success and the process of obtaining a license is highly complex. Companies that do not navigate the regulatory landscape carefully will invariably encounter major setbacks. Small modular reactors, the first to move ahead in licensing, did so by their similarity of design to traditional nuclear reactors, and therefore familiarity to the NRC. We intend to follow this lead, but with a design that, although based on traditional reactors, has some remarkable innovations that reduce the cost. Deep Fission has put careful thought into navigating the complex NRC regulations since, and even well before, our inception.

The second grand challenge is cost. Lowering the cost of a reactor based on traditional designs has been confounded by the need for huge pressure vessels and containment structures. Advanced nuclear reactors must be able to economically compete with a variety of other energy sources in order to be widely accessible.

Deep Fission solves these two key issues by using traditional technology in an untraditional environment. We use current light water reactor design and engineering principles to expedite licensabililty. Yet, by taking advantage of a deep underground environment, we save construction costs while enhancing safety, security, and waste disposal. In fact, it appears to be a realistic goal to make Deep Fission power less costly than coal, and therefore make it highly attractive not only in the United States but around the globe.

Deep Fission is an advanced atomic geothermal energy company that can solve the clean energy challenge by creating licensable power plants that produce reliable and affordable energy.

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