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The Future
of Nuclear

The future of American energy is carbon free while remaining economically accessible. The future of American energy is nuclear energy.

Deep Fission turns this envisioned future into a reality with affordable, modular, reliable nuclear power using traditional technology in an untraditional environment: deep underground.

At Deep Fission, we recognize that while nuclear energy is a needed part of the American energy future, its safety and cost history is complicated. That is why we are developing the first modular advanced nuclear reactor to be placed one mile underground. The inherent enhanced safety blanket of 10 billion tons of natural rock containing our reactor protects the public and significantly cuts the construction costs. Most importantly, Deep Fission brings affordable, reliable energy to American homeowners, data centers, and industrial partners faster than ever before.

Reliable nuclear
power secured under

of rock

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Our Solution

The Deep Fission Borehole Reactor is a pressurized light water microreactor designed to provide safety, security, and low cost nuclear power by using deep geology to provide natural pressurization and containment.

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About Us

Deep Fission was incorporated as a Delaware C-Corp in July 2023 by co-founders, Dr. Richard A. Muller and Liz Muller. Both have significant experience in technology development and regulatory engagement related to nuclear energy.

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